Chris Stevens

CS Student // Freelance Developer
Working with HTML/CSS/JS, Python, Node.js, C#, and more.

Who am I?

I'm a self-motivated, determined, and persistent individual, who thrives in competitive environments. Tight deadlines and strict targets encourage me to perform at absolute peak efficiency. While my consistently positive attitude, combined with my ability to work as both a team player, and an effective leader, make me a valuable asset, no matter the task.

In less serious terms, I enjoy developing and the bulk of my experience so far is in Python and Node.js - making websites and web-apps. I'm currently focusing on creating NodeCG overlays for online streaming platforms including and Youtube Gaming. Other interests include cycling, sailing, eSports, and broadcasting.

Like what you hear? Carry on scrolling to see some of my past work.

Drop Me A Line!

Feel free to get in touch via email, I usually reply within a couple of hours. Alternatively, if you're not yet convinced, please do have a look around my Github!